Feel confident in your own skin with our intimate advanced co2 laser treatment; a safe and effective way to relieve and rejuvenate the intimate area.

The FEMILIGHT is equipped with a CO2 laser. Also known as intimate zone rejuvenation. It is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser technology to lighten and improve the color and structure of the skin in the intimate area.

FEMILIGHT is especially suitable for the armpits, labia, bikini and anal area. Whitening of the intimate area by CO2 Laser is very popular abroad.

The demand for cosmetic procedures in the intimate area is increasing. Undergoing treatment in this area for cosmetic reasons is now considered normal in various countries. In the Netherlands this is even less accepted, despite the fact that there is a need for it.

FEMILIGHT is suitable for all skin types and on average 3 to 5 treatments are required with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks. After 3 treatments, we do advise to let the skin rest for a few months and, if desired to then book a follow-up treatment. For lasting results, we recommend undergoing a yearly treatment.

We recommend that you always book a preparation treatment in advance. This is a special consultation where we carefully assess the skin and provide a special cream against hyperpigmentation. We believe it is important that you are well informed and advised. Pre-treatment for the femilight is therefore very important.

FEMILIGHT can be used to improve overall skin tone, elasticity and texture and to reduce superficial pigmentation of the intimate areas.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

For women whose skin of the labia majora and groin area has lost firmness and elasticity due to ageing, weight loss or after childbirth. Or for women who want to reduce the pigmentation of the skin in the pubic area and around the anus.

We work with a special powerful co2 laser machine that is specially aimed at the comfort level of the patient. Some ladies may experience some discomfort or pain during the procedure, while others experience little or no pain. We always use a special numbing cream to reduce the discomfort. Some patients may experience mild swelling and redness after the procedure, but this usually resolves within a few days.

The co2 laser offers through multiple scanning patterns leading to a significantly improved overall skin tone, elasticity and texture and reduction of superficial pigmentation. The laser is then slid over the skin piece by piece, where a tingling warm sensation is felt on the skin and a slight burning sensation can occur.

After treatment:

  • The next few days after the laser treatment, the skin may be red, warm and sensitive. There may also be some swelling. The skin may feel as if it has been burned. Small scabs appear that fall off after a few days and make way for the new skin.
  • After about a week, the skin crusts and skins disappear and the result becomes visible.
  • It is important to lubricate the skin daily with moisturizing cream after the treatment.
  • Do not wear jewelry and piercings.
  • Do not use body lotion or other cosmetic products in the pubic area.
  • No tight-fitting clothing
  • Preferably smooth and soft cotton underwear without lace

Contra -indication:

  1. During a pregnancy
  2. Within 3 months after giving birth
  3. If you are taking medication that can lead to sun allergy (such as certain antibiotics)
  4. 4 If you have a vaginal infection at the time of treatment
  5. If you have a herpes infection in the pubic area at the time of treatment.
  6. If you use corticosteroids chronically.
  7. If you have a collagen disease.
  8. If you have your period.
  9. This treatment can not be combined with other laser treatments. Two months after your last laser session you can book the femilight


We have a special package to lighten and improve the skin around the intimate zone.


From €1350 for €1250

– Bikini line
– Labia
– Buttock