The V-Steam is a healing herbal sauna for the vagina and uterus. By steaming vaginally, you cleanse and care for the vagina and uterus; an ancient tradition used for menstrual problems, after giving birth, when you want to have a child, or just whenever you feel like enjoying a relaxing moment for yourself.

Our method of vaginal steaming is unique in the Netherlands. You get to lie comfortably and covered on a luxurious treatment bed, instead of having to sit on a pot. Since the lights in the treatment room are dimmed, we ensure that there is plenty of privacy and discretion.

At Cooch Clinic, we use 100% natural leaves, each with their own effect. Based on your needs and desires, we select your personal blend of herbs so you can enjoy an ultimate, luxurious spa experience.

The V-Steam begins with a brief abdominal massage. This stimulating massage prepares the uterus for vaginal steaming. Following this, steaming begins, whereby the heat immediately causes the pores to open. This allows the medicinal herbs to be absorbed by the tissues of the vagina and uterus, which increases blood flow in these areas, oxygen levels also rise and metabolism increases. The pelvic and uterine muscles will relax, which can induce a pain-relieving and soothing effect. After the V-Steam, we recommend you to take fifteen minutes to recover in our stylishly atmospheric Garden of Eden relaxation room. Your body can quietly recover while you enjoy a cup of herbal tea. Will you be going out again afterwards?  Make sure you keep your body as warm as possible.

Benefits of vaginal steaming:

  • Cleanses the uterus of any old traces of menstrual blood or postpartum blood
  • Soothes symptoms and discomfort around the intimate area
  • Stimulates and improves blood circulation
  • Can  reduce menstrual discomfort such as pain, fatigue, bloating and cramps and reduce the severity of bleeding
  • Soothes intestinal discomfort and uterine cramps
  • Soothes menopausal symptoms  such as dryness or pain
  • Increases libido
  • Tightens the vagina
  • Speeds up the healing process after childbirth
  • Keeps vaginal discharge under control
  • Helps in the recovery of vaginal tearing
  • Helps with the desire to have a child
  • Reduces stress, tension and anxiety
  • Can help process sexual trauma
  • Boosts your self-confidence

Our herbal blends:

The Garden

Herbs for fertility

Specially developed to increase fertility, strengthen and thoroughly cleanse the uterus. A blend of seven different organic herbs, including rose petals, vitex, and motherwort.

The Healing

Herbs after an abortion, miscarriage or childbirth

Specifically aimed at cleansing, disinfecting and healing the vagina and uterus. A composition of seven different organic herbs, including rosemary, marigold, lavender.

The Sassy

Herbs to cleanse and tighten the vagina and increase libido

Specifically aimed at cleansing, tightening and hydrating the vagina. A composition of seven different organic herbs, including rose petals, orange blossom, peppermint.

The Calming

Herbs to help with an irregular cycle (missing and/or delayed), short cycle, menstrual problems, vaginal dryness (menopause symptoms). 

Specially aimed at calming, cleansing and balancing the vagina and uterus.  A composition of seven different types of herbs, including chamomile, yarrow, mugwort.

Do’s associated with the V-Steam

  • Book the V-Steam before or after your period, not during
  • Go to the bathroom before the V-Steam
  • Make sure you have enough rest after the treatment
  • Keep your body as warm as possible after the treatment
  • After the V-Steam, indulge yourself for another 15 minutes in our Garden of Eden

How often can I do the V-Steam?

  • For a general cleanse: one to three times per month
  • For menstrual, cycle and hormonal issues: Two to three times a week before your period. Once the symptoms become less, you can switch to one to three times a month.
  • If you want to have a child: one to three times a week after your period, up until your fertile week. It is very important not to do any steaming after you ovulate.
  • After childbirth: two weeks after childbirth, should you no longer have any wounds, stitches and stop bleeding. Two to three times a week for six weeks after giving birth, then you can switch to one to three times a month.
  • During menopause: One to two times per month.
  • Vaginal dryness, itchiness and irritation: Once a week as long the symptoms persist, you can then switch to one to three times a month.


 When am I not allowed to do the V-Steam?

  • During your period
  • If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant
  • If you have any wounds, sores or blisters
  • If you have an active infection
  • If you have cancer
  • If you have any piercings and/or a Yoni egg (remove these first)
  • If you have a kidney disease