Face Maderotherapy

Is it possible to get a firm and toned face without having to undergo surgery?

Yes, thanks to facial maderotherapy, a natural treatment that is currently sweeping the world for its amazing results. It is one of the best non-invasive natural massage techniques you can use on your face for a natural face lift effect.Face maderotherapy has firming and toning effects. It activates the blood and lymphatic circulation of the face, thus helping to improve the appearance of the skin. It activates the production of collagen and elastin.


  • Facial reshaping
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Natural face lift
  • Prevents facial aging
  • Improves oxygenation
  • Accelerates circulation
  • Reduction wrinkles
  • Improves skin tone
  • Activates the production of collagen
  • Eliminates under eyes swelling

This treatment is a combination of Colombian deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, lifting techniques, wooden tools and a special collagen mask for a natural face lift effect.

After the first session you will notice a visible improvement in your skin and face contour. This is why this massage is so loved by celebrities.

Please note: This treatment is not a cleansing facial, please come without make up.

For best and long lasting results, the face maderotherapy can be applied in a course of treatment with an interval of three days between each treatment.

Upgrade your face maderotherapy treatment with one or two boosters. Choose the radiofrequency (RF) or Detox Clay. By booking a 20 minute booster, you get the most out of your treatment and will benefit even more from the sculpting effect.