The ultimate collagen boost for the labia!

Do you suffer from sagging, loss of volume in the intimate area? Then the FEMITIGHT treatment makes a big difference.

FEMITIGHT is very suitable for women whose labia majora have less volume due to ageing, weight loss or after childbirth and have lost their normal firmness and elasticity.

FEMITIGHT addresses the problem of sagging skin by simulating collagen in the skin around the labia. By using different laser wavelengths and pulse mode, we can create a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the vulva.

It’s a subject that’s rarely talked about: sagging skin in the labia that make you feel uncomfortable. Nowadays it is not necessary to keep walking around with feelings of shame and pain caused by the outer labia.

The demand for cosmetic procedures in the intimate area is increasing. Undergoing treatment in this area for cosmetic reasons is now considered normal in various countries. In the Netherlands this is even less accepted, despite the fact that there is a need for it.

The effects of childbirth, menopause, weight loss and the natural aging process lead to several significant changes in a woman’s body. The female intimate zone in particular can undergo drastic changes that can lead to a loss of self-confidence. Women often worry about the appearance of the labia, the outer lips of the vulva.

The labia often lose their inherent skin elasticity with a loss of suppleness which leads to loose skin over time and these changes can be exacerbated by falling levels of estrogen as part of the aging process.

The treatment:

First of all, the area to be treated is disinfected. Then a thin layer of oil is applied to the skin. Subsequently, the area is heated with the laser, whereby the laser is continuously moved back and forth over the labia majora. At the same time, the temperature of the treated area is checked with a special laser thermometer. The treatment takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

A widely used technique for tightening the labia is the fractional laser. The laser beams make it possible to both firm and tighten the affected skin. Due to the energy and heat released during a laser treatment, wrinkles disappear and the underlying skin structure is restored. Strengthening the labia using the laser technique is virtually painless.

The special thing about a laser treatment is that the laser beams are absorbed by the skin cells. The released energy is then converted into heat, causing miniscule holes in the treated skin. This prompts the skin to produce new tissue and collagen. The outer labia become tighter, feel smoother and look younger.

Is it painful?

The procedure is painless and can be performed without anesthesia.

After the treatment:

  1. Immediately after the treatment, the skin may be somewhat red and edematous. After the treatment, a moisturizing cream is applied to the skin.
  2. The skin may feel warm and thick for a few days after the treatment. It is important to lubricate the skin with a moisturizing cream daily for 5 days after the treatment.
  3. You can resume all your normal activities immediately. You can just shower.
  4. It is wise not to have sexual contact or to take a bath the first day after the treatment.
  5. You can resume your work immediately after the treatment. You can also exercise again immediately after the treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

Depending on the condition of the skin, it may be wise to repeat the treatment 2-3 times with an interval of 3-4 weeks.

The result can be visible after the treatment, but is optimal after 3-6 months because only then is collagen regeneration complete. A check-up appointment is made for 6 months after the last treatment.