Cooch Clinic

National and international experience

Cooch Clinic was founded by Jesica and Wahida. With both national and international experience in the beauty branch, they know better than anyone what a clinic needs in order to offer you a real me-time moment. A place where you can be yourself, where you completely forget your sense of time and where you leave feeling reborn: that’s Cooch Clinic. As busy moms, Jesica and Wahida know how important time for yourself is. At Cooch Clinic, you are guaranteed to be pampered and be the focus of our attention throughout your visit. Jesica and Wahida are both trained womb-healers and body-sculpting specialists. They also perform V-steaming, facials for the intimate area, cavitation/radio frequency treatments, maderotherapy and manual lymphatic drainage.

Our work method

at Cooch Clinic

Personal attention is paramount to us. Each treatment is preceded by a personalized treatment plan. During a personal intake we look at what you want and need: what do you expect from the treatment and what do you want us to pay attention to? Only after everything is clear and you agree to the procedure, do we start the treatment. We want you to feel 100% at ease; it’s only then that you can relax. That’s why we will regularly ask you during the treatment how you are do-ing and if the treatment feels good.

In order to complete your spa time after the treatment, you are welcome in our stylishly atmos-pheric Garden of Eden relaxation room. While enjoying a cup of tea or another drink, you can relax and wind down your moment of me-time in a quiet, relaxed way in complete privacy.

Cooch Clinic distinguishes itself from other clinics through its unique treatment range, our personal service, the use of high-quality and exclusive products and always up-to-date knowledge. We regu-larly attend courses to keep our expertise up to speed and always keep up with the latest trends, so we can be sure that you get to experience the very finest and newest treatment methods.

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