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  • Steaming herbs for fertility
  • 100% natural herbs
  • 50g // 4x v-steam

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The V-Steam is a healing herbal sauna for the vagina and uterus. By steaming vaginally, you cleanse and care for the vagina and uterus; an ancient tradition used for menstrual problems, after giving birth, when you want to have a child, or just whenever you feel like enjoying a relaxing moment for yourself.

The Garden is specially developed to increase fertility, strengthen and cleanse the uterus. A blend of seven different organic herbs, including rose petals, vitex, and motherwort.

How often?

2 times a week after your period, up until your fertile week. It is very important not to do any steaming after you ovulate. Steaming after insemination could interfere with the sperm, fertilization or implantation. This is also true for medically assisted insemination. Steam up until the point of the IVF transfer and then stop until the pregnancy is confirmed.

When am I not allowed to do the V- Steam?

  • During your period
  • If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant
  • If you have any wounds, sores or blisters
  • If you have an active infection burning or itching
  • If you have cancer
  • If you have a kidney disease
  • If you have any piercings and/or a Yoni egg (remove these first)

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE AN IUD DO NOT STEAM LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES. Always consult a doctor if you think you have a medical condition. Steaming too hot might cause skin burn always check the temperature first with your hands.